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At Happy Greens we 'be-leaf' in doing things differently. In fact, because we're hydroponically grown in a special greenhouse, we can make your favourite salads all year round. Plus, we take up a lot less space than traditional farming methods too.
Yum and done!

The leaf less travelled

Saving the planet…Leaf it  to us

More taste, less waste

Did you know a typical bag of salad needs over 75 litres of water to grow? Plus, if it's shipped over from Europe, it'll triple the carbon emissions of a locally grown bag. That does not make us happy!

Thankfully, our super smart hydroponic growing method and central UK location means we're saving loads of water and Co2 every day. Just see how much we've saved already.

CO2 Saved

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Inside our house
Happy Greens - Happy People

Happy Greens
Happy People

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